Introduction of FlexiFilter

Improve your filtering
FlexiFilter is an innovative, highly efficient filter for cleaning liquids and gases. You will achieve a better filtering result with FlexiFilter with the same filter layer or volume as in case of the original filter material or cartouche.

The operating water pressure of the filtered medium gets impurities inside the FlexiFilter material. The filtration is not limited by the area that clogs quickly with traditional filters. Due to the depth filtration, the material absorbs impurities longer and retains much bigger amount of them than traditional filtration materials.
Without the use of flocculation agents, particles up to 0.010mm in size, partially up to 0.003mm and to a lesser extent smaller ones are filtered out. Savings are thus achieved thanks to a lower consumption of additional chemical preparations (flocculants).
When using the new FlexiFilter filter material, you will be delighted by the excellent properties of fibres and their structures capable of removing both very small impurities and turbidity.

FlexiFilter large dirt absorption capacity allows for longer flushing intervals, reducing operating costs.

FlexiFilter is made by layering a polymeric continuous yarn. The material for the production is 75 % recycled. The material production, processing, and packaging take place in the Czech Republic.

Filling of large filter housings
FlexiFilter creates a sufficient filter layer in the filter housing, adapting to all shapes and dimensions. There is no need to squeeze the tufts with force, you just need to make sure that there are no large gaps between the tufts down to the bottom of the housing.


Flexifilter is very well used, for example, as a replacement for original fillings in the pool filtration. FlexiFilter from one 300g package replaces e.g. 25kg of filter sand (1 bag).

Shaped flexi-filters
FlexiFilter is made by layering a polymeric continuous yarn. Shaped flexi-filters filling the space of the filter housing in the entire width can be layered as needed.