Cartridge filtration replacement

The FlexiFilter filter material is suitable as a replacement for common filter cartridges for cartridge filters. The filter housing in which the filter cartouche is located can be filled with the FlexiFilter material. The only restrictions may be inlets and outlets for water supply and drainage.

When used alone, it is possible to stack several round filters on top of each other in the filter housing. Select a FlexiFilter diameter equal to or slightly larger than the inner diameter of the filter bowl where the cartouche was located.

FlexiFilter 140
a round filter of 14cm in diameter (2 pcs in package)

FlexiFilter 190
a round filter of 19 cm in diameter

… other dimensions on request

The round filter suitable as a pre-filter
The round filter can be used separately as a pre-filter for the pool filtration by inserting it into the skimmer. The use of a round filter prevents the entry of small impurities into the piping and the pump of the filtration system.

FlexiFilter 120
a round filter of 12 cm in diameter

FlexiFilter 140
a round filter of 14 cm in diameter

FlexiFilter 190
a round filter of 19 cm in diameter

FlexiFilter 250
a round filter of 25 cm in diameter

Instructions for use
Please note the following instructions when using:

  1. Disconnect the filter device from the power supply.
  2. Open the filter housing lid according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Remove the original filter material (cartouche, filter inserts, etc.)
  4. As a precaution, check all seals and clean them of dirt.
  5. Stack FlexiFilter round filters in the filter housing.
  6. Assemble and connect the filter device according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Note for systems with automatic backflushing:
As the FlexiFilter pressure increases only slightly due to the dirt, automatic backflushing will not be triggered. Therefore, check the flow rate on the pressure gauge regularly and if necessary, start the backflushing manually.